2019 Audi Q5 Specs

Monday, June 12th 2017. | Audi

According to the current debut of its new Q7, we can take the look of other much easier crossovers from a well-known company. As described on previous information, the contracting entity is likely to be the Audi Q5 2019, which can be the market leader in small proportions. Total engine collection will be obtained in A4 engines, including petrol and diesel.

2019 Audi Q5 Specs and Review

The latest crossover Audi sizing is likely to be the same type as the Q7 larger version. The car will have the same sleek headlights, a six-lattice grille and distinctive new Audi design style. The rear surface can be different, a minimum of facts can be lower.

The interior is designed in the fashion A4 and Q7 with a new cover plate, display panel in large garrisons. Besides, you can enjoy the latest entertainment system with MMI carplay, Android mobile phone of the vehicle, the touchpad. You will see new features and a better quality finish.

The new Q5 will probably be created around the last foundation of the MLB Evo, which is currently used in the new age group A4. With a new, lightweight system with significant fuel consumption of aluminum, the SUV allows to reduce the extra weight at 225 lbs.

One can predict that the version has the same drives of 2019 A4. Specifically, 4 and 6 cylinders.

It will include 1.4 TFSI powerstrain generation of 148 hp (heard only in the European Union); 2. Engine type TFSI Turbodoppelliter Displacement with HP 252; Another turbocharger 2-liter 220 HP result.

However, known that some are not 6-cylinder changes. The appearance of diesel versions in the US market is also unknown.

It can also be a minimum of two types of high-performance: petrol and diesel under the designation SQ5 and SQ5 TDI respectively. The latest produces 354 HP – and can be composed of a V6 engine with an electric charger unique electrical current.

There are speculations that the new Audi Q5 2019 is likely to be readily available as a hybrid. It can contain the 2-liter turbo engine, which generates with the electric motor of 109 hp 252 hp in support, which contains almost the equivalent of torque as engine fuel. Thus, the hybrid car is claimed not only to be a successful energy, but also a little fast.

2019 Audi Q5 Release Date and Price

Currently, the Q5 will close the ratings – according to the latest spy photos, the prototype is rated with very little hiding. However, this does not mean the imminent introduction of a whole new version. More than likely, Audi Q5 2019 will be introduced in the last quarter of 2018.

The charge for the latest SUV from Audi is likely to be the release of new cars being declared, which presumably place at the Frankfurt Motor in 2017. Demonstrating for some updated bases we expect a small increase in the cost due to the change. Within the simple construction in the new Q5 costs about $ 43,000.

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