New Ford Focus Offer High-Performance Models

Saturday, May 6th 2017. | Ford

The actual technology Ford Focus has existed for a long time as normal, but to alleviate the problem, Ford has been holding relief from some major upgrades since then, and they have also started to offer high-performance models, including the ST Or the RS. However, just because some of your competitors are getting redesigned, Ford started working on a new Focus, a vehicle that is currently under lock and key. Although Ford has declared almost nothing officially about the 2019 Ford Focus ST potential, a test mule was spied before testing some time and also the details are much more interesting than it may seem.

New Ford Focus Review

To begin, let this caution be exercised and say that the future focus next will likely be greater and longer than the current age. We can safely say this easily for the reason that the windows taking into account does not really fit properly mule clearly uses an elongated body to analyze their more mature focus with the wheelbase evidently a little for a long time. Basically, we prefer something more compact cars ensures the increase in conciliation that the interior is more than likely to provide you with much more space than before, such as travel luggage. These need to focus an even better deal than before, along with the new platform is likely to suggest that it would be easier to grow to be more than just before, easier to be by using modern materials.

The unusual interior of your current focus is very likely to have disappeared and as an alternative Ford, the way its German competitors can do everything in terms of resources and products are much better to use decorations, but a bit boring in terms of appearance. This change allows Ford to create an opening for a new market and new interior design means likely that the focus will definitely be a much better car than before.

New Ford Focus Engine Specs

Similar to most other companies in this technology, the new Ford Focus ST can say goodbye to any of the more mature vacuum engines love all of the turbochargers. This will probably provide better gas output and a little more power without sacrificing anything. The focus is less likely to make the use of very surprising 1-liter 3-EcoBoost Series engines provide between 100 and 140 horsepower and up to 150 ft-lbs of torque. Increased in the range of 1.5 liters of an EcoBoost inline 4 with 180 hp and about 200 lb-ft of torque will also be available. All models receive a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, by a recommended automated. At this time, there is absolutely no formal information and the automatic facts available, but we believe Ford will make use of their approach 9-gear unit.

The ST stage, on the other hand, more than likely use an updated version of the ino’s EcoBoost line 2 liter date with about 260 hp and above 260 Nm of torque. Entrance tire travel will be provided as the only option and unlike the RS, an automatic can also be easily available next to a 6-speed manual gearbox too.

Unfortunately, the design on the new Ford Focus ST is however at this time really a properly guarded secret, but considering how the latest versions of the extended Ford, it is unlikely that this new focus will be far from its rest. We expect that basically him in the fiesta found various designs to use a much more competitive contact about him. This would result in a much better vehicle than before, and probably be physically greater in view.

The price is still only $ 15,000 and just as good before, a high-performance ST model can be revealed at around $ 23,000 from the start.

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