New Nissan Z is Completely Redesigned As a Crossover

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. | Nissan

This sports car of the legendary Japanese manufacturer, 2019 Nissan Z is completely redesigned as a crossover, according to the hottest reports. As we have expected, the new model comes over for the coming year, but it will most likely somewhere in the second half of the year. Since then, it should come as a 2019 model. This sports car series has been in production since 1969, and we saw many modifications. The current model is called since 2008 existing and 370Z.

Nissan Z Review

When it comes to actually approaching the model, the exact identification is still unknown. So it will be known only as a crossover Nissan Z for now. This will likely be eight generation of this iconic model. As you almost certainly know, each of these models has unique names. This is certainly only because numerical part of the title is dependent on the engine it is used.

The Nissan Z Crossover Crossover Nissan Z is completely redesigned. It is expected that the new model will contain many new questions. New model will come with completely new exterior and interior design. It will also come with a new engine that will make improvements to the current great performances. But probably the most interesting question is the fact that the new Nissan Z will drive to the new platform, which will bring some changes in terms of size. According to some reports, the new model will be slightly lower than the current 370Z. Because this result general appearance of a new model, so far still do not really know. In any case, the new Nissan Z will be completely new style, which will bring new design solutions from Nissan, which ultimately can offer attractive search.

Nissan Z Crossover Engine

As we now described, the exact engine for Nissan Z Crossover remains unknown. According to some comments, there is a great opportunity to see two engines. The North American model is certain V6 units is safe. You should actually have full power around 350 hp or so. On the other hand, the European model could come with less in-line four-engine as a result of large tax and registration fees. Even if a much smaller size, this motor should also supply large amounts of electricity to 300.

Nissan Z Crossover Release Date and Price

The Nissan Z crossover will come somewhere in the second half of next year, according to his recent reports. The basic model will come close to $ 40,000, according to some forecasts.


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