Lamborghini will finally get its new series of Asterion

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. | Lamborghini, Super Cars

Lamborghini will finally get its new series of Asterion, which is the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion. The business has propelled the car with a super motor that the new Asterion creates as the largest Grand Tourer GT or vehicle known. Also next to the charged engine, the design for the interior will surprise with a look of high class. Not much information about the new Asterion, but this information will give hints on the new Asterion.

New Lamborghini Asterion Interior and Exterior

Unfortunately, the exterior design of the New Asterion is not yet divided at this point in detail. After some online images leak, the appearance of younger Asterion is designed to be slimmer with luxurious and sporty standards. Through the outward appearance, one can see that this company also wants to show the excellent characteristics of the car. It is ensured to use the interior architecture, which informs about the previous version and a lot more luxury happens in comparison. However, the detail depth on outdoor models will probably be updated in new Lamborghini Asterion in the near future.

Good quality since it’s beginning, in new Lamborghini Asterion has new interior architecture that shows the high-class appearance. The cabin is covered with the mixture of Alcantara, leather, titanium and aluminum. The Avendator bathtub will probably flatter the body, which can give a more sporty look inside the vehicle. From the sports car, the new Asterion interior architecture will be made as a self-made GT, which will be so attractive, but also something special.

New Lamborghini Asterion Engine

The inside of the hood on the new Asterion is large to be laid out. There will be 5.2-liter engine with the power V10 engine system Huracán. They can provide power up to 602 hp. Together with the two new electric motors for the input wheels, Asterion can have 897 hp. The torque, the lead is expected to be much more than 700 lb-ft of torque. The engine in New Lamborghini Asterion will be considered highly effective when the current only the result is used to reach 31 km 78 mph as the leading speed.

New Lamborghini Asterion Release Date and Price

Although non-formal details, however, is still heavily predicted that the New Lamborghini Asterion in the past due 2018. In addition, is anticipated release, as well as it is likely that it is likely that you can also buy for the reason for this year. The price is worth it for the new Asterion is likely started from $ 200,000, which can also look better in the car specifications.

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