New Ferrari Dino As Upgraded Edition

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. | Ferrari, Super Cars

Ferrari companies are among the best companies in the world in terms of super sports cars, if a person mentions speed; The first thing you think is the Ferrari. So, speed is undoubtedly equated with Ferrari. The Ferrari Dino model has a great history, and as we know, this title is used together for the Ferrari cars with engines of less than 12 cylinders from 1968 to 1976. Today, based on some rumors and speculation, Ferrari company uses this Brand again for a V-6 completely new sports car make. This is an excellent media for all Ferrari fans, so we expect this model to be in the market by the end of 2018. Now we have some 2019 Ferrari Dino spy images and the next review, we will try to present this version in the most effective way We. Have fun!

New Ferrari Dino Interior and Exterior

Based on some pictures of espionage verification, the exterior design of the product appearance is very attractive. The higher aspect of your New Ferrari Dino is extremely attractive and looks so aggressive. By playing pictures ( show us far from the most aggressive Ferrari so far. Let’s move some different information from your front. For example, the headlights will be something between L design and boomerang shape. In addition, the headlights are incredibly thin, but so powerful. The same as any modern vehicle, the latest Dino led technology as well as be used for all lights around the car. In addition, we are able to anticipate some 2018 design tips Ferrari 488. In addition, the program will probably be made with this version of probably low weight deliveries, which can undoubtedly increase the overall performance along with higher pace. New Ferrari Dino 2019 fast jumps, distinctive tires elegant roof line as normal. At the rear aspects of the end we can observe the most important oxygen amazing entries built into significant rear bumper.

The very interior design and the latest Dino design remains unknown. We never have an established information about the cabin along with the techniques in. Exactly what we know is based on rumors and speculation. Seeing that we all know the starting price with this model and given the fact that this model will not be significantly more expensive, the product from California T compared to can expect a similar high-end functions easily absolutely. Thus, one can easily anticipate a fairly large amount of high-quality properties, such as wood, Alcantara, leather, carbon dioxide and aluminum fibers. All seats inside are naturally involved in leather. In addition, we can easily take and take care of the natural background wheel with gearshift of the transmission. In terms of high-tech features, we could take on new infotainment Ferrari and also the premium music system.

New Ferrari Dino Engine

The latest New Ferrari Dino probably use to see the upgraded edition of the 3-liter V-6 that we use in the Giulia model. Within the mentioned variant, this engine has a maximum output of 503 hp, but also in Ferrari, we assume much more potential at all. We have maximum output power of about 530 hp. The California T model has about 550 horses, however, the new Dino will probably be faster in terms of acceleration 0-60. Dino design can go from no more than 60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds only when the higher rated rate is marked at 200 hours.

New Ferrari Dino Price and Release Date

As mentioned in the introduction, on the new Ferrari Dino will be 90 days of 2018. Speaking of price classes will almost certainly be the last, this product may have a starting price of about $ 200,000.

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