2019 Honda CR-Z brings Type-R engine 280bhp

Monday, March 27th 2017. | Honda

2019 Honda CRZ will be erected on the stage of the new Type R, and that implies that it will be a ton sporty than a few times recently, with all motors more effective and manual transmission replaces the programmed. 2019 Honda CRZ new configuration will also get a small change that will make the auto more focused on the business sector worldwide.

2019 Honda CR-Z Interior and Exterior

The exterior of 2019 Honda CR-Z again has not been formally discharged to people in general just do not consider the test mule is the Civic Type R, we imagine that the auto real will be slightly larger than this model and in addition will have a configuration that is more comparable to Type R of the past era.

The interior will be completely like that of the Civic Type R which is expected ahead of the game are the same and the rear seats and an extra wheel controlling the same. Not at all like the Civic, however, the new Honda CR-Z will get a 9-inch screen on the dashboard that will provide the data is about half and half framework and which will also have the capacity to be used as a framework for satellite service.

2019 Honda CR-Z Engine

The biggest changes will occur in the engine compartment where the new Honda CR-Z will see important updates. While past generations have little motor of 1.5 liters and up to about 140 HP for crossover drivetrain, the following models will actually get a turbocharged baru Type R, 2.0-liter empat silinder yang mampu memproduksi 280bhp. That with the help of the electric engine will produce more than 200bhp that will be prepared in the Japanese market.

2019 Honda CR-Z Release Date and Price

Despite the fact that Japanese automakers have yet to find this data, we expect that costs will not differ much from the rendition forward, and it was about $ 20,000.