Mysterious Volvo Sedan, Whether To Be A Successor To The S40?

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | News

Volvo seems consistent to always be incessant to the safety of its users. This appears when the release of the All New XC60. At the same time promoting his latest car is a Volvo with a series of advertisements about the features, especially safety features by showing his new car at the crash test.

An animated logo that Volvo car that looks at the ads, more accentuate safety features. But the new car is a new model refers to the other, but is inserted in a short video about the Driver Alert Control.

The car shown in the ads shaped sedan and designs are applied with a Volvo design style nowadays that has a modern and compact body. However, it is unfortunate on video footage commercials, such as the design of light Thor’s hammer  is not represented. In addition, it appears that the back light still took the design of the Volvo S60 before, but if you pay attention to the dimensions of this car, very clear sign at the Volvo 40 series.

If true this car will be manufactured, it appears that this car will be marketed with the 4-door model as well as using four-wheel drive. This new car will compete with the Audi A3, BMW 1-series sedan and Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan that is still in the plan.

We really hope Volvo build a safe car, sophisticated and high class this really milling about on the road. Hopefully Volvo returned successfully and able to compete in the compact sedan market. How did you guys? What variants of the S40 is great? Or you guys waiting for his hatchback version? Tell us in the comments field !