Ford Patents High-Tech Headliner Airbag Designed, New protection system

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | News

Innovation in the automotive world is not just about car models, but also the features in it, including security features. So the car manufacturers always improve security systems continues to increase. Innovation features, not only effective for raising the value of the offers, But also presented the advances in technology.

In this case, the Ford has been focused to develop on it. This is evidenced by the patented airbag new headliner that will be applied to the mobil-mobilnya. The new design of this Ford airbags certification of its patent has been filed in the United Kingdom Kingdom on 16 September 2016 and certification the patent was published on March 22, 2017.

New Airbags rumored that Ford will be put on the roof of the cabin of the car and it certainly serves to protect the driver and passengers head up top. New safety features designed to provide more protection when the car is being driven rolled in the path. Although the accident with the car rolled condition is rarely, but Ford has made the anticipation for such conditions.

New airbags it will be put to the position between the headliner (ceiling) and the roof panel. When the car rolled, airbags inflate and push the ceiling to the bottom towards the driver’s head so that it is able to make the space between the ceiling and the roof of the car. So the head will not directly conflict with the roof.

One of the core points that exist on this Ford could belong to airbag integrated in existing vehicles without having to change the main structure of the car. It’s certainly become a surplus on its own because it could suppress the costs and development time.