2019 Hyundai Accent a Affordable Hatchback Car

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | Hyundai

Rumors reported delivery of New Accent and since then, manufacturers have been wary of delivering data. Even now there are many data are clear about this and everything Accent attribute is enough to make the audit that is not too bad.

The modern point of view and some of the rumors that are developed, we will see this car more attractive than its predecessor. Some models from Hyundai Accent will be exhausted, so rumors increasingly evident that this car will be more prominent than before.

On the front end, the grille will turn into more appropriate as the front belt to build powerful appearance. The latest innovation will soon be given to promote the car or maybe to wait for a test drive this car.

The car is likely to continue to be offered with engine 1.6 L 4-cylinder will have interior design contrasts with the previous model. Improvement of interior design would have expected actually happened, considering this car was promoted as high class cars.

In addition, the engine that was installed this car will be capable of producing 123 HP and 138 lb-ft of torque that will be combined with 6-speed manual transmission and will also be provided with automatic transmission as an option.

Many are waiting for the arrival of this car, because it has a price of about $17 000 are considered a reasonable price, but should still be up to the end of 2018.