Functions and workings of an automatic Light control system

Friday, March 24th 2017. | Review

Automatic light kotrol system is one of the extra features on vehicles especially automobiles. Although not all cars have this feature primarily the output of the old cars. The working principle of automatic light control systems this just as much as the light sensor detects the light levels. The application not only on vehicles, in urban street lighting lamps such that also use the switch automatically when the surrounding dark weather. Well then how is also applied on the vehicle so that the driver does not need to turn on the headlights and rear of his car when the weather becomes dark.

Function of automatic light control systems is to allow the front and rear lamps lighted directly if the weather conditions or when the vehicle through the dark tunnel under bridges or under trees where her still light. Then if the vehicle detects a pretty glow of the level of the surrounding environment then automatically also front and rear lights will extinguish.

How Automatic Lighting Control Systems Work


If the ignition is turned ON or the control switch and lights on position AUTO and automatic light control sensor detects a decrease in light that occurs around the vehicle, then the automatic headlight control sensor issue a signal to the terminals of the control unit lights.

Controller unit lights will then form a series of lamp relay coil to the mass of the head and taillights. Then the current flows from the battery to the relay each lamp head and rear lights and head lights front and rear. If the headlight control unit decides there is an increase in light or circumstances are already light on the surrounding area, then the front and rear lights relay will automatically be deactivated so that the front and rear lights will die automatically.