BMW and Mercedes-Benz will cut products

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017. | News

BMW and Mercedes-Benz, two German luxury car manufacturers, is known to have many products in the various segments. However, Ian Robertson, BMW sales and marketing chief revealed that the model line offered is too many. This was disclosed even though there are some products that have not been completed, as planned arrival X2 and X7 SUV, as well as several others. Although it would be the arrival of several new models, BMW will also remove some of the models for board production of various models of the body and the segment is already quite full.

In addition, the manufacturer based in Bavaria is likely to cut the existence of several car coupe and convertible. One of these segments is a roadster that is not progressing as well as an increase in sales since 2008. In addition, the roadster was never sold in the Asian market. Therefore BMW in cooperation with Toyota to gain a slight advantage by launching variants Z5 jointly developed with Toyota Supra, to accompany the product sporty as the BMW Series 2, Series 4 and Series 6.

Mercedes-Benz will be the same as the eternal rivals BMW; also will consider cutting the coupe and convertible segments for more skewed priority sedan products. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz, Revealed that special car like the coupe and convertible will remain a luxury product, but because the car is not ogled variant so that complicates the sale. But a different situation occurs in the sedan segment, Due to expansion into China and other emerging economies provide a great opportunity for a sedan.

The reason is why Mercedes-Benz will cut some coupe and convertible variants. Additionally, Manufacturing bearing the three-pointed star does have a coupe and cabriolet variants of the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class which overlaps with the SLK and SL roadster and GT AMG variant.

So do not be surprised if BMW and Mercedes-Benz inject die some products because the market is not too excited about the segment coupe and convertible.