Honda Will Prove repairs to McLaren and F1

Monday, March 20th 2017. | News

In pre-season testing in 2017 Formula 1 season in Barcelona, ​​McLaren started as a difficult time for eight days. bad things happen because of circumstances that are not good on the machine McLaren, McLaren Cars also failed several times on the track. And if you pay attention, not less than five units of Honda engine electricity has been provided, but be a nuisance because of the lack of power and less reliable on the Honda engine.

Because of this situation, McLaren seems to start shopping for a replacement and approached the Mercedes for a possible replacement unit on a Honda engine supply. But Mercedes seemed to still go to the Manor F1 team as a Customer Program Engineering remaining slots for the season 2017. This means that Honda still has time to repair the make F1 together.

Although during the test, McLaren and Honda strained relationship, but from several sources confirmed that McLaren has returned to Honda as the team has been separated from the customers and Mercedes this week. And Honda has been fully committed to the future with McLaren in Formula 1.

Now McLaren are still considering several options together with Honda. While Honda will evaluate the possibility of engine that will supply McLaren in Formula 1. Honda is totally committed to the future of the sport and the relationship with McLaren. They will actually work as a team to Overcoming this situation together. This is to strengthen cooperation between Honda and McLaren despite the difficulties they face. Because Honda said, this is not a short-term project for us

In addition, Honda insists that the problems that occurred in Barcelona because of the limited track time, in addition, to overcome engine reliability problems during the pre-season, Honda implement improvements by pressing Increase driveability and extract more power from the engine before the first race.

Once in Barcelona, ​​Honda Will Prove the effectiveness of some of the benefits of overcoming problems in the two test machines. In terms of performance, Honda will introduce a machine that has a better driveability Because it was full of Honda’s commitment to McLaren in Formula 1.