Camel Power! The new power unit by Nissan

Thursday, March 16th 2017. | News

In the Middle East, Nissan introduced a new concept for measuring the capability and performance of the vehicle in the barren desert. This is because a car with a big horse-power power, does not mean to be the fastest in the desert. Camel Power will be proposed by the manufacturer Nissan to replace horsepower in desert terrain. It is believed by Nissan, Because in the wilderness that has off-road conditions typical only be measured accurately by measuring Camel Power.

Nissan actually not joking in this case, because Nissan assess for performance are qualified, not enough horse power measurement capabilities mean in the desert. In addition, Nissan gives examples of the GT-R has a big horsepower, do not have a good ability to cruise the desert, even can be defeated with an SUV like the Nissan Patrol.

Camel Power will also have scientific computation, such as his case Horsepower. This measurement raises hopes for calculating the performance of the car in the desert struggling accurately.

Basically, Nissan has conducted research of various elements over the past two years, so being able to make vehicles like the Nissan Patrol is suitable for driving in the desert. In addition, Nissan also stated that basically happens condition interplay between the weight of the vehicle, its speed in a certain direction, and track its path while moving. Some important factors also affect include maneuvers, the engine torque, and of course driving skills. In addition, Joseph Rachid El Hachem, Engineer of Unit Camel Power said: “If we standardize the speed and trajectory of the vehicle in a particular environment, we can measure how fast the vehicle is moving at a certain distance and enter a load factor of vehicles, and that’s where we found the Camel Power”

To be honest it is surprising, because the newly developed Power Camel this time, given the amount of time and energy spent by the off-road community to make a claim and counter-claims about the ideal vehicle for conditions such as desert. Nissan tried to take the initiative and concretely started to develop it, by taking an initial focus on the Gulf region market. We are optimistic concept will be accepted by a wide audience, both lovers of off-road community, and customers who do require off-road vehicles for everyday transportation mode, “this is what the Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, Samir Cherfan.

Camel Power described as follows: Camel Power (CP) = speed (certain speed direction) x weight (weight) x sin (groove) (track moving objects with the power).

Nissan also wants Camel Power unit unveiled. The scientific work and the results of the collaboration formula Nissan Middle East has been submitted to the relevant government agencies, the ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology), and is also accepted as a new concept of measurement. ESMA approves and supports the process of testing required to advance the standard is, from the regional level, which will end up as a global test. Camel Power planned to be used as promotional material to explain the capabilities of the various models of Nissan SUV in the Middle East.