Pirelli tires with a choice of attractive colors

Wednesday, March 15th 2017. | News

Pirelli tires seem to be aware of black that serves as a driver of a vehicle, sometimes appearances tend to be boring because it can be regarded that’s it. So much of some people who try to be creative by giving scratches to the wall like a racing car tires, There was also a creation with the use of white walls like a classic car.

For some reason, the Italian tire manufacturer, Pirelli, providing tires with a view in various colors, such as those in a Formula 1 car Quality display different colors with tires that had just been painted, Pirelli designers develop writing on the wall that is durable tires used in the run long time. In addition, Pirelli tire supply line colored with the smallest rim size of 19 inches, although it did not rule out a smaller size.

Basically, Ban was inspired on the use of tires in Formula 1. It is of interest to manufacturers of supercars, like McLaren, Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini to use tires supplied by Pirelli. For color options Pirelli have provided attractive color variants, including red, yellow, white, and silver, are provided in a high-performance variant of Pirelli P Zero and Sottozero winter tires.