McLaren affirm BP23 “Hyper-GT” Will Be One Of The Fastest Model

Wednesday, March 15th 2017. | News

Late last year, taking inspiration from the iconic models F1, McLaren revealed that they had produced a ‘Hyper-GT’ latest with 3 seat layout. And now Mike Flewitt, chief executive of the company has revealed one of the fastest and most powerful car ever produced by them with the model code name BP23.

Auto Express reports that the BP23 will be designed with carbon fiber monocoque chassis as all variants of McLaren cars, as well as carbon plastic wrapping for the entire exterior. In addition, the dihedral doors will be displayed, but for the first time, in terms of providing additional comfort BP23 be embedded electric motor.

Although the technical specification of this vehicle may not be announced until closer to its arrival in 2019, we know that the car will feature a hybrid powertrain that likely will show the evolution of the V8 4.0 liter twin-turbo designed to 720S.

Unlike the other cars in the lineup McLaren, BP23 not designed solely for high performance. As the name suggests, he promised to create a comfortable GT car segment with outstanding performance capabilities entirely new. Only 106 units will be produced and it is not surprising if everything had been ordered.