2019 BMW i3 Rumors

Sunday, March 12th 2017. | BMW

2019 BMW i3 is the latest edition of the BMW car. the car turned into the spearhead of the past. These vehicles are booked as a brilliant city car with a hatchback concept. 2019 BMW i3 configuration outside the body quite comparable with the Honda Jazz. The car’s front grill can be formed in a double U, which form the front grille and lines with a little kindness can line lights. light today from the BMW i3 in 2019 using HID innovation for better lighting at night.

2019 BMW i3 Interior and Exterior

2019 BMW i3 M is largely tasteful all the many wonderful next to the M4 impersonation ventilation grille latest air foil for further work in small letters. additional cooling of Quadratmillage with turbo intercooler is also the possibility to adapt to this car. The car is also equipped with chrome trim and fog lights that build headlights, which is really remarkable. Beyond 2019 BMW i3 M is equipped with several additional components to improve somewhat in outward appearance and even the structure of the car will not be like other settings BMW.

The interior is very luxurious and open to the rich with room for five people. It is a vehicle with a feeling of exclusivity and luxury. 2019 BMW i3 M has enough space to move and headroom for the next general public an excellent long trip. In fact, even through the difficult and harsh landscape you can go with this car. It would be very popular for the reason that all of the new elements.

2019 BMW i3 Engine Specs

It was pointed out to be an electric motor of 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. It will have rear-wheel drive, which is consolidated with the direct drive 1 speed. Equipped with a lithium-particles of 22 kWh is located on the second floor. Extreme range is 81 miles. The use of fuel is 137/111/124 MPG. Acceleration from 0-62 mph is achieved in 6.6 seconds. Filling in the creation of the house 110 V takes about 20 hours, and 240 V will last about four hours. By using a DC fast charging framework only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. Powered by a 0.65-liter fuel 2-liter bit (REX). This engine makes 34 horsepower and can be used to charge the battery. By using a motor fuel at 39 mpg will join. Small manufacturing 2.4-liter.

2019 BMW i3 Release Date and Price

BMW works like other cars, the use of electrical machinery has made it noiseless. BMW i3 in 2019 will reach the market in 2018. Taken at the level of basic equipment of more than $ 42,000.