2019 Dodge Journey Concept

Thursday, March 9th 2017. | Dodge

Some time ago, some rumors say about the 2019 model year and trim level 2019 Dodge Journey will be in 2019 in order to encourage new car can be a strong competitor automotive market.

2019 Dodge Journey Interior and Exterior

The outside of the new 2019 Dodge Journey SRT has improved with the addition of new components. Bring identification version of SRT would make an awesome car is sporty. sporty configuration with all accounts is given as a change in the expansion pack for the bodywork of your stay more sporty planning to go out.

Moreover, rumors are also specified in the car will be made somewhat unique in relation to part of the new 2019 Dodge Journey and the car is really on hold to see the inside of a rich and savory. In any case, to make the sport more popular and subtlety to get a new kind Dodge Journey SRT should be given a new sporty accents in interior design.

2019 Dodge Journey Engine

Regardless of how Dodge will not receive information from each, but this time, we feel that the car’s engine running strong glass. This is the main buckle that should provide you with the best results with traditional contrast. One thing that is important is without a doubt, the Dodge tries to present a professional appraisal so special that you want to find a 2019 Dodge Journey confirms rumors of a special engine for this car will deliver results 3.6-liter V6 that is positively utilized by different trims.

2019 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

From the data we have heard that the 2019 Dodge Journey will hit the market in late 2018 or the first of the new Dodge Journey, 2019. Cost is reliable in terms of between $ 20,000 and $ 35,000, depending on trim level.