2019 Ford Escape Concept

Monday, January 16th 2017. | Ford

2019 Ford Escape is a new compact crossover SUV. Automotive factory made by Ford since 2000. the first model was prepared in the year 2000 model year 2001 in the area of car free Ford latest escape with new technologies, features and engine design. within the market already the area of exhaust quality. Satisfactory client can restore the performance of Ford by the flight by 2018. significantly, possibly the latest escape higher page layout. There are higher and different than the previous. Although the automotive industry may occur because the most car dispute the model, you expect a huge automotive industry as the best candidate.

2019 Ford Escape Interior and Exterior

In relation to the previous mode is the latest 2019 Ford Escape the convenient difference exterior design. Ford company reorganized parts to be elegant. The Ford Escape SUV will be a grid of large and smaller air consumption, new design lighthouses and more. The new Ford Escape SUV brand styles pieces differ with the previous. This model of the Ford Escape will be a bit more attractive. There were change from front, rear, or tail.

According to the report, there are many fascinating features for indoor. Characteristics of leakage Ford model new cabin have much better products. Area of the cabin Ford model escape is spacious, so that 2019 Ford Escape consisting of can accommodate more than 5 people, from a driver. Entertainment system will be updated, to make it satisfactory in driving condition. In the meantime, the security system enhances development to provide security on the road. The technology system has high quality such as alarm clock, electronic rear-view camera, sensor based, blank screen, and much more. Standard sensor Ford Escape SUV is striving, safe and better preserved safely in a parking lot.

2019 Ford Escape Engine

The manufacturer offers not only new change of the external and internal appearance but more under the hood of the car industry. Bracket the news of the escape have new motor with higher capacity specification. This new SUV a l can-one. 6-database engine. The module can offer 178 block outputs and 184 Avoirdupois linear unit the unit of torque. to complement the superior performance of the 2019 Ford Escape engine will be combined with a 6-speed sprocket. Some decisions of the higher engine provided be accessed for the automotive industry.

2019 Ford Escape Release Date and Price

As long as possible 2019 to decouple, Ford Escape you can as of 2019. The new engine and new style offer, the automotive industry a $23,000.