2019 Ford Atlas Concept

Thursday, January 12th 2017. | Ford

Usually after Ford, instead of trucks in this famous place. One of them shows the location of the cable, is the Ford f-150. Ford family member properly closed, this 2019 Ford Atlas at the auto show in Detroit decided instead introduced. Currently this vehicle takes the position of the f-150 2019 automobile manufacturers such as Ford introduced Atlas in the industry next year.

2019 Ford Atlas Interior and Exterior

All new 2019 Ford Atlas have a new design that makes it attractive. After the news that this car comes with an outer reinforced the front at the turn of the century installation is adorned with dual lamp arrangement. Rectangular grille is designed to withstand strong winds, with a large number of companies in the new Atlas, not the outer form changes. Ford was been, that the roof this car glass material used with 110 volt outlets required. Consumers can put more points into the cabin of the vehicle on the ropes. The charm of the exterior of the new Atlas rises with large, chrome-plated door closed and less chronic types out due to the use of random materials for the installation of the air conditioning system.

Not only that the car with the cabin is equipped with comfortable driver seat leather upholstered and the Interior is equipped with attractive colours blue. Furthermore, captivating and entertainment ride for passengers, the cabin is packed with many entertainment features, including touch monitors high back seats. May be that extra comfort, as well as appeal to you, you can choose this car as a release for your morning date 2019 Ford Atlas replacement.

2019 Ford Atlas Engine

Smart engine, we expect the use of V6 engine and 3.5 litres in 2019 Ford Atlas, 360 Hewlett Packard to produce and torque is 300 nm. It seems to me that this engine with six-speed automatic transmission is mated. It seems that the rumor to be real more engine options. This truck from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.1 seconds can accelerate when using this engine. Get a significant improvement of the economic climate energy will consume less fuel. Based on the official report, has 33 mpg in the city and 30 mpg highway.

2019 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price

All new 2019 Ford Atlas truck experienced date of publication some time in the program of the next 50% with the price at first for the platform model of $21,000. But the price for your staircase to $51,000, based on higher end models of available functions optional.