2019 Dodge Avenger Rumors

Wednesday, January 4th 2017. | Dodge

We certainly have seen rumors that evade is expected to unveil the new Avenger 2019 sometime this year. In accordance with a potential along with other men and women combine their innovations to evade a series of fluid changes and movements in height, along with other cars within the average size of the family. The Dodge Avenger speculated release date for later autumn 2018 or 2019 promotional and marketing gymnasts given. A special batch of notable energy is the price of a reasonable price, which actually damages a terrible case from its competitors in the course of time.

2019 Dodge Avenger Interior and Exterior

Take a look at the car and you questions is probably why the car is known as “better” because the car’s exceptional research model is known for the year 2011 to bring up again is to give a little better look. Should be larger 18-inch steel wheels. Bumpers with halogen and signs under round light are similar to the letter L. The radiator grille and spoiler will be all dark, no doubt. 2019 Dodge Avenger shows an extremely powerful and powerful look, which is the Dodge brand.

At the front is very little changed. Despite the fact that the fashion and protected the rich look and feel experienced model with some new elements. Well, the seats are made of leather and have the global warming comfort. Dashboard will also be installed in leather and a touch screen on the environment. Highlights include USB, Bluetooth, availability, six speakers and a street configuration are also available. Also, expressing the same car safety decision underlines the need to retire.

2019 Dodge Avenger Engine

2019 Dodge Avenger is offered with two different engines. 4 cylinders and the volume of the 2.4-liter 273 horsepower engine to send. Over 110 hp offer the largest volume (3.6 L) V6. 4-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive are suitable for this model. 21 mpg fuel economy2 in urban traffic. On the road the consumption is somewhat higher, at about 29 mpg.

2019 Dodge Avenger Release Date and Price

Do not see this yet the delivery date for the car, but industry experts recommended that the car be available in the business areas in 2018 at the workplace. Found work to include the valuation under the cover, but there should be 26 to $ 21 000 part of the US available as $ 000. The car is available in three versions SE, SXT, R / T, distinctive customers.