2018 Chrysler 100 Rumors

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017. | Chrysler

Current news about the possibility of the new 2018 Chrysler 100 are released. Rumor has it that the achievement of this new Chrysler100 takes longer than expected, while it is expected that the car later 2017 as the model of the year 2018 will be released in the second half.

2018 Chrysler 100 Interior and Exterior

In the cabin with the 2018 Chrysler 100 things to be probably a little more diversified simply because this vehicle is a high range as opposed to a replica sports sedan. The cabin has a new panel. The base model will likely come with interior contained in a MyGIG Infotainment system with surround sound, a computer-controlled temperature control and five leather get seats, covered, while the higher end models with ventilated seats also standard. The cabin of the vehicle includes less space for loading as in DART, however, it will make more space due to its passengers, such as the larger and wider body.

Again in the year 2012, a reproduction is provided with a chrysler grille, as well as the name Chrysler 100 was in its waste, but derived in the Giulietta was nothing more than a mule extension model. There are no messages from 2012, but this last time reliable sources confirmed that the novel certainly Chrysler 100, that the most excellent part is a little inspiring is likely to never like Alfa Romeo, which is a badge.

The grid will be borrowed on the Chrysler 300’s design, but only the finer points. You get the distinctive headlamp and a sign in front of it more aggressively than your standard models. The rear of the latest vehicle is also all published costs in almost all its models has not been equipped so far. It looks like the production model is related to the LED function bar, which probably contain taillights in the rear of the vehicle. The size is similar to DART, but there is probably bigger and a bit larger and is to be expected, with a small wheelbase.

2018 Chrysler 100 Engine

2018 Chrysler 100 describes the presence of 4 tubes come out and 2.4 liters to offer the output amount about 200 HP and 180 lb-ft of torque. This engine works with the help of the automatic transmission speed of nine, while fuel consumption at about 23 kilometers per gallon in the city and 28 MPG on the road will increase. We believe the vehicle has a smaller displacement than DodgeDart is borrowed. It is very possible if the company the options of the largest engine in the market to expand. It is important to know that the car could report excellent mechanics with sophisticated technology, the best rendering engine than the present. 2018 Chrysler 100 details will probably be declared shortly thereafter.

2018 Chrysler 100 Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, we have, of course, still when the car is launched and how much it will cost. As estimates the car sometime in 2017 will be showing some sources in the second half. For the price, the new cost 2018 Chrysler 100 is more expensive than the current estimate.