2019 BMW i8 Rumors

Tuesday, December 27th 2016. | BMW

BMW is preparing facelift brands 2019 BMW i8 for the first time since 2015 and Spyder concept debut in 2012. It is a sporting second-hand, which is in plug-in hybrid powertrain. The changes will not bring any new hybrid combination, but we will be a jump in performance and competitive sport to improve and see. A new, without the new Qualcomm wireless charging system is the name says batteries. Before detailed description, be noted and improved.

2019 BMW i8 Interior and Exterior

The weight 2019 BMW i8 must be smaller than the current of its new car with a total weight of approx. 1485 kg. This suspension is complete, body and other functions have contributed to the fiber and aluminum, only some of the products are known to be lightweight and powerful. The futuristic-looking sports car is supported by features like lasers, some of the most important roles are the front of the car.

These lights are placed just below the bumper in a way that is effectively corrosive sports car. There is also the discovery of routine butterfly on BMW vehicles and this car grid further increases aggressiveness. The BMWi82018 also has a very large powerful bumper attached to the car. The rear area has beautiful taillights giving the vehicle a sportier look.

This new super sports car is equipped with 2 ports, modern sports car butterfly check. Develops effectively large wheels and chassis to effectively manage the powerful handling functions engine. The car is readily available in more colors, green, silver, black and red, so buyers have more alternatives to choose from.

The interior of the 2019 BMW i8 is as sporty as the exterior design. Some of the features in this leather recliner contains adjustable parameters, allowing people from different companies to benefit from different vehicle characteristics. This is a great safety in the car a priority was where sports airbags are automatic seat belt very reliable and strong.

Touch screens, monitoring and management of some cockpit features the vehicle expanded with a great color. The wheel should be used the same way with modern innovations, make sure the driver can successfully drive at high speed. The user of this futuristic car will enjoy a range of very focused connectivity, consisting of USB ports, mobile, Wi-Fi wireless, Bluetooth and 4G internet.

2019 BMW i8 Engine

A 1.5 liter work in three lines in the hands of a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery provides the motivation under the hood with an electrically powered engine with turbocharger. As mentioned above, the six-speed automatic transmission is the transmission of the pairing.

Systems that delivers a power of 357 hp at 420 ft lbs of torque, all wheels transmission system is sent in synergy. 0-60 mph, a bubble of 4.5 seconds – quickly by conventional standards, but also by other vehicles of its class to shadow.

The charge can be used to charge and complete about 1.5 hours of energy with 240V 120V takes about 3.5 hours at home 1 120V or 240V battery to be made weak. EPA says the vehicle check in 76 MPGe for their fuel economy revisions. Total hours 330 miles away.

2019 BMW i8 Release Date and Price

Some rumors say that the i8 is expected in the first quarter of 2018 with a starting price $ 140,700. Information found in online forums BMW Leasing online.