2019 Ford Ranger Concept

Sunday, December 18th 2016. | Ford

One of the most popular trucks in the last decade has been the Ford Ranger. US buyers have been thrilled by this vehicle, but some poor company decisions lead to cut your development and production. After a few years, the rumors say the company could start again. It’s really clear there is no official statement from Ford and no trace. But more and more designers and engineers were able to think of stories.

2019 Ford Ranger Interior and Exterior

It also offers style and new design. Before ligament generally takes several cues for several of the Ford frequency switches, all angle lights are, but also the fog lights. The longer wing, as well as the lines of additional size, do you little glimpse into modern entrance and the rough. Otherwise, 2019 Ford Ranger is the best collection of regular size has virtually nothing.

For any number of unconfirmed reports, the new design and style with the outside world with the closest one is better named Offer 2019 Ford Ranger. Tie front that this vehicle is often said to be financed by a number of crossover-leading automotive manufacturers cars in the United States. Also charge the size, flaps, as well as the angle fog, lighting, can be given, as well as lighthouses have the means for the item, a day of need and a more modern look.

It is often rumored how difficult with small vans of less and more car shows compared to the previous ones. This display of music instrument has room for 1-9 in. There are, as the materials used can change touch screen of its predecessor in the cabin on vacation. This process of information and entertainment can be changed, so that the buyers see that the receiver has stimulated a parking lot and a backup camera basic backup.

2019 Ford Ranger Engine

We believe there are important changes to which 2019 Ford Rangers are applied. This means that he could use 5 cylinders 2.5 l gearbox. Another possibility is that maybe a few units of 3.5 l EcoBoost for F-150. Then a new store can be a diesel engine, a 2.2 l turbo i4. Featuring a little less power and torque over 250 lb-ft or up to 300. Some experts are predicted to have 3.2-liter 5-cylinder turbo-diesel form level torque and excellent towing and off-road capabilities. New model manual or automatic transmission 6 gears must use, 10 speed new in these rumors not mentioned. Stern drive is standard and the AWD system is available in other packages.

2019 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

The production model is likely to be revealed more by the end of 2019, will be announced as a price to pay. In the face of the competition waiting for Rangers, the cost will be less than $ 25,000.