2018 Ford Bronco Concept

Friday, December 16th 2016. | Ford

Has Ford a new Bronco? Ford said that the company will introduce a new model for 2018, most fans of the vehicle year are very curious to see concept on the 2018 Ford Bronco. Ford in 1996 for the first time the Bronco model on the market, and since the release of the Ford Bronco was the vehicle more sports utility for many people, especially in North America people are admired. It seems that the concept Ford important platform for the concept of the Bronco 2018 should Atlas it would faster easier, with acceleration and improved energy efficiency, while the Interior is spacious and luxurious.

2018 Ford Bronco Interior and Exterior

External way, that the appearance of probably the design utility vehicle solutions in the field of Ford is combined with other models of the innovative sport. It will be probably quite different from the external design in 2004. It is assumed that the physical characteristics of the new model of the Ford Bronco be assumed F-150 hottest vehicle. The aggressiveness of the appearance of the new 2018 Ford Bronco SVT Raptor is mainly by the huge wheel with a height of 21 inches diameter exhibit. These wheels will help the driver the vehicle effective hold on the drive. The front fascia is Bronco 2018 model from a huge front grille and new fashion twosome headlights are embellished, led and enhanced visibility offers sophisticated fog lights.

Ford has a lot of efforts to reduce the overall weight of the new vehicle 2018 returning Ford Bronco SVT Raptor to provide the best performance and reduction of fuel consumption. Lightweight materials were so generously used in the construction of the vehicle. This reduces the total cost of the construction of the vehicle, and more, to improve their fuel economy.

In addition, the size of the model Bronco 2018 is neither big nor small, but average. Grid components are also to improve the vehicle containing their outer beauty. The square of the new Bronco offers forms an aggressive outside of the eye. the new vehicle will help 11.5 to 12 inches ground clearance better road performance, regardless of the types of terrain.

With regard to the new interior design, Ford Bronco 2018 most likely vehicle come with most modern high-end hardware configurations. The pads are with high-quality materials and comfort. The cabin of the vehicle are spacious and there is enough space for up to five adult passengers, offers the ultimate in comfort have. The dashboard in the cabin will come with a contemporary design, and it is satellite navigation / Infotainment system screen to be prepared also with a heavy touch. This new model of Ford is large bunkers, sufficient for luggage and other accessories.

2018 Ford Bronco Engine

Some rumors, according to the new Ford Bronco 2018 with 3 engines in the range will be offered under the hood. The racing engine which makes 4.7 liter 6 cylinder generate 330 horses and 645 lb – ft torque, the gasoline motor 5.0 liter 8 cylinder Coyote, which deliver compressor, table, 420 HP and massive 5.8 litre 8-cylinder engine that is similar to the Shelby GT500 and can pump up 662 horsepower and 631 lb.-ft of torque. How far the transfer a 6R 140, automatic 6-speed will be coupled with lower motor MIC or powerful ZT – 6 transmission, 6-speed manual transmission with more powerful engines.

2018 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price

As regards, the price should be the new Ford Bronco 2018 similar to a price with Ford Raptor, because both models were inspired by the model of the Atlas. When it comes to some rumors that are salable 2018 should be before the end of 2017.