2018 Honda Prelude Rumors

Tuesday, December 13th 2016. | Honda

Honda will produce more legendary vehicles shaped 2018 Honda Prelude. Many upgrades on the design side as a new edition of this vehicle. From the records we have received producers had been considering some changes to the extreme of this vehicle which is the latest upgrade attempt.

2018 Honda Prelude Interior and Exterior

The exterior design is expected to come up with the concept of a more revolutionary. The concept coupe-inspired components nostagia really apply to this vehicle. But fully we just speculate at this early stage. But, no doubt if this vehicle would be completely sleek and stylish. The change might also be happening on the lamp head and tail lights, this was done to get the look of this vehicle agresiv.

On the inside of the car, we will find a seat extra fine metallic accent many who adopt, wood and leather. Some of the information that we receive this vehicle takes into account the contemporary automotive features and entertainment, such as Bluetooth, GPS navigation with google maps.

2018 Honda Prelude Engine

Some rumors have been showed to us, about what the machine will terpasan in 2018 Honda Prelude. Although officially there has been no confirmation from the Japanese manufacturers, but we predict the engines for these vehicles will have some options. The first machine that could be selected as the base model is 2.0 l VTEC. This unit is sweet from 250 horsepower. Second, 3.5 l V6 engine can be combined with electric batteries, and also this combo can shoot over 300 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. The second machine is what we predicted strong to push this vehicle, because both of these machines is good enough for the car type coupe.

2018 Honda Prelude Release Date and Price

It is not yet official there is confirmation from Japanese manufacturers. We have not been able to provide information about the data release this car. But maybe this car will come at the beginning of 2018 under the name Honda Prelude 2018.