2018 Honda Pilot Changes

Thursday, September 1st 2016. | Honda


Honda Pilot is one of the most popular dispatcher on the world and now Honda is preparing more on his once to start the latest model as 2018 Honda Pilot SUV. It is very important to mention that since after the introduction of the first model on the market’s very difficult to compete with this vehicle due to its features and specifications. In this context it is also important to note the Honda is a few changes again and again in her last vehicle, and that makes it very difficult for its competitors. Although on a model of the year 2018 by reliable source does not confirm that the manufacturers are certainly some refreshments for this upcoming model. Honda Prelude waiting also to be released.


2018 Honda Pilot Interior and Exterior

This time, it is expected that Honda offers three rows of seats inside his cabin, and it can accommodate eight passengers with ease. The seats are manufactured with high quality materials and leather. Also, the seats can also be folded to make spacious interior. Honda is also the theory to the Interior with a high range of functions as advanced to design the infotainment MyGIGMC with more digital controls. The model includes also the excellent sound system, modern navigation, entertainment for the back seat, interior lighting, air conditioning, automatic, and much more. Security will be upgraded to the next level and advanced options will be included later in the detection of Honda.

According to some authentic sources from the automotive industry it is obvious your head of this time 2018 Honda Pilot a sporty and elegant look get. There aren’t many changes in its outer surface, taking into account be revised 2016 model year, but this cool model remains still has some changes. In this context, it is important to mention that the buyer able to see front and back, and dimension changes in the sculpture of the body will be. In any case, it is certain that the new driver expectations justify.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

It is expected that the new 2018 Honda Pilot be more effective compared to its 2017 model and it could provide the best performance for performance on the road and off road. This time, Honda is rumored that this vehicle will drive with a 3.5 liter V6 engine and it can provide up to 300 HP. The drive of this last SUV should be started with two transmission options are the first automatic 6-speed and another reason is a 9 speed with pallets of change automatic transmission and these versions will also feature start/stop system. Based on the rumors, it delivers a fuel economy of 21 / 28 mi/gal in the cities and on the streets. The vehicle uses front – wheel drive with an option for the system to distribute the all-wheel drive, the power front and rear and between the wheels for better traction and stability. Honda could offer also driver with another smaller and Turbo should improve motor, fuel efficiency, but this has not been confirmed. On the other side are some enchantments as well as expected on the suspension and steering.

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

According to the speculation, some experts 2017 launched 2018 Honda Pilot in the third quarter, manufacturers are however to explain not official yet. There is also the theory that about 32,000 are the base price for this vehicle $ and it could increase to $46,000 for his superior versions.