2018 Ford Flex Redesign

Monday, August 29th 2016. | Ford


2018 Ford Flex is one of the most interesting news to this day to discuss because it offers many types of interesting performance and new features. The new car you want to model or series, coming out of this year 2018. As one of the more interesting cars, of course, there are many types of people who want to know the specification of this car. Ford Excursion to immediately come up with elegant design.

2018 Ford Flex Interior and Exterior

The new specification of the new Ford Flex is actually pretty rare or unknown for a while. Fortunately, we have also gathered the most reliable information about this car new engine specification, inside and out. This car has been completely updated to more and more specification, to give the car much more reliable than other cars of the same type.

Outdoor 2018 Ford Flex is also unique and unique. There is no additional information about changes in the car or in general but fortunately enough we are collecting some important changes that are suspected, occur in this car improvements. Changes under the car will take most of the changes on the lights and the wheels.

Yes, instead of the changes in the headlights of a car that are now implemented with an updated LEDTechnologie. The car itself have also fog lights change, which makes it even more unique and elegant. On the other page, as we previously have said that the car have also a further improvement in the wheels which now iterate 17-inch light-alloy wheels make driving easier.

The Interior of this car is perfectly in the conditions of the changes, because this car is a cross between the car and the truck that makes the inner feeling big and large. This spacious interior makes sure that the Interior of the vehicle, to feel comfortable and relaxing. We see without something to relax in the spacious space for all passengers without.

Furthermore, the Interior of the car with a wide variety of functions will be implemented characteristic areas of tech as a navigation system, which also help the driver, the condition of the car perfectly over this to see talk there is the driver several entertainment system, which is applied in this car, feel to the car to make a lot more comfortable and refreshing.

2018 Ford Flex Engine

The motor is of course the most important thing in every car. It can also for this engine, which offer 3.5 Yes, the used engine V6 engine is the 3.5-liter V6 engine engine. More than 300 HP and also about 287 of the couple, which is pretty good in the engine and providing the global are the new model itself. In addition, the transmission system, which is implemented in this car is 6-speed Auto.

2018 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

So how about the release date and also information about the prices? Now, to not honestly be accurate information about the release date of this unique car is a combination between a station wagon and minivan crossover. However, the price itself is a rumor that the price will be $35,000 for the base model approximately, while the limited of new 2018FordFlex model will be around $45,000.