2019 Volvo S80 Concept

Friday, August 19th 2016. | Volvo

volvo-s80-front-imageVolvo S80 2019 is the last car manufacturer Volvo, the name of a large car by people on the search is worth after luxury cars that are used daily to maintain can offer you the best driving experience. You have a perfect driving experience is something like the majority of people in this world. More than just a feeling of comfort, most people also expect, why have a stylish and elegant look while driving, that is, most premium sedan decides for himself driving.

2019 Volvo S80 Interior and Exterior

The best thing about the Interior of the vehicle, that of spacious, both in the rooms and cabin headroom. The seats come very easily and will be able, four passengers in the cabin space. There will be also a navigation satellite, served seven-inch screen the basic functions in the car. Other new technologies in the auto climate control, and also the sound system & Bowers Wilkins put.

Abroad for 2019 Volvo S80 will be very stylish and elegant. This can be good with people, in love in the splendor and one of the leading fit a life of luxury. Has running lamps during daylight hours and will come with a hammer shape. Rear lights have the shape of a “c” and he will be led. The grids are very visible, and this time improved. Examination of the vehicle shows, such as the aggressive look are very large and small from the previous model.

2019 Volvo S80 Engine

Volvo S80 2019 offer new turbo engine Inlne 4 2 L, 240 HP performance. It is the same result of 3, 2L-V6-Motor from the 2014 model year. Although the result is the same, small motors offer greater fuel efficiency. For this engine are standard automatic transmission with 8 gears. Fuel economy is 25 mpg city and 37 mpg on the highway-car. What is the best model of 2014 (20/29 mpg). Next machine is 3L V6 turbo engine with 300 HP. With six-speed automatic transmission would transfer to four-wheel drive as standard.

2019 Volvo S80 Release Date and Price

Release date 2019 Volvo S80 is based on some information, the latest generation of the S80 will be first selling early 2019. For the price of Volvo S80 2019 said some rumors that Volvo S80 will be sold in 2019 in a range of $40,000 to $60,000.