2018 Lexus CT 200h Review

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016. | Lexus

lexus-ct-200h-front-angleThe CT 200h is a parallel gas-electric hybrid third generation Toyota inherited many proven reliability of two generations of the Prius was environmental flagship, the Prius, was constructed in 1997. Nevertheless it is enough not only to distinguish in a flow class with stunning models. In the premium-sedan of the package seriously, the car must be pushed out like BMW, Audi and so many resources. It is not an easy task.

2018 Lexus CT 200h Exterior and Interior

One of the most prominent attribute on the outside of the vehicle is extra large grill, which occupies a large percentage of the face with the Lexus logo at the top. This grid is surrounded by chrome and materials is crucial for the vehicle all look stylish to make. The front face of the 2018 Lexus CT 200h hybrid has almost touch a series of sharp headlights will make the grid around the vehicle look elegant. In addition, the vehicle was equipped with a large grid, houses also the fog lights with the main responsibility of the bumper, with cover and protect some important elements in the front. The front fender of the vehicle wheel liner specially installed to minimize engine noise in the cabin of the vehicle of the arc. On the rear of the vehicle, rear lights, which are useful to the back-end production looking comes with elaborate but sharp is more elegant. Another important feature by 2018 Lexus CT 200h hybrid is that the lighter, but more robust materials were used to make a large percentage of the body and thus improve fuel efficiency by weight reduction.

Within the 2018 Lexus CT 200h hybrid it is enough space for all and free of charge. The spacious interior is complemented by comfortable seats that are covered with high-quality leather. All seats with seat belts and the inmates are also with automatic air bags for safety reasons. The Interior has a large amount of light that enters through the window and glass roof. There is also a temperature regulator, which has the option of comfortable temperature level from the outside hot or cold is independent. cabin of Lexus 2018 CT 200h hybrid looks more friendly, since it’s well lit and the various attributes, including the touch screens are properly arranged. This is a vehicle to modern buyers have been installed with various connection options and a unit of information and high-quality entertainment.

2018 Lexus CT200h Engine

The most beautiful Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive no is economical, but relaxed lack of noise at low speeds. In short, the Lexus CT 200h is quiet a heavy car. NEDC alone, there are almost no electric motor howl, while road and wind interference negligible, commendable cabin is the property of insulation.

We show 2018 CT 200h noise meter to quieter than the range Rover TDV8 2014 30 km/h and four decibels by Rolls Royce ghost. If you power, early automobile obviously bad call piston engine for more at the beginning. However open throttle, and see definitely busy turning such to encourage, this Lexus 1450 kg up to peak performance. Hybrid powertrain produces spectacular acceleration, however. Lexus claims a 0-62 mph in 10.3, but our two felt 60 km/h average was 11.1 s.

The CT200h can be very agile. Select mode ‘Sport’ and will receive an additional boost to electric motor as well as a sharper throttle response. You have to find Lexus have enough momentum, relaxed under 70 km/h to overcome, there are free of charge on your battery. The biggest problem with the car’s performance no less than the direct current. It is delivered over in such a way was that makes good only you feel wave machine control, and that makes it double, want to earn and maintain speed.

2018 Lexus CT200h Release Date and Price

2018 Lexus CT 200 h has changed very little  since its inception. Lexus CT base price is about $35,000, but a heavy hand on the long list of choice – especially in the fields of electronics and safety can be high so instead of a label as $45,000.