2018 Mercedes GLK Concept

Sunday, July 24th 2016. | Mercedes - Benz

mercedes-glk-frontFor model year 2018 introduced displace the GLK-class is Mercedes-Benz GLC-class compact SUV spectacle, is one of the seemingly eternal part of Mercedes vehicles of extravagance. It is really important for a compact hybrid and is the same as the average class size GLE basically. It seems the company that cars get more SUVs smaller and 2018 model year, Mercedes led a series of GLK, at the International Auto show. Dealer to land before the date by a year and the GLC class provides a starting point and in the AMG versions. With smoother overall shape and led headlights the GLC class is a significant relative improvement on Mercedes – Benz GLK 2018, that’s overtaken its main competitors are vehicles such as the BMW X 3 or X 4, Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 or new F-PACE by Jaguar.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLK Interior and Exterior

What they might be missing, not never to realize the Mercedes, is a sublime look on her SUV that deal by others. 5 seat with 4 doors are the Mercedes GLK 2018. Similarities to earlier models such as the GLC in design, but heavier and have more rigidity for off-road family tree instead of sports smoothness will focus.

A grid of trademark remains as the Mercedes SUV and a reinforced bumper. Powerful for the GLK 250 and the possibility of even better GLK 350 headlight halogen headlamps will be available. Front and rear fog lamps with LED strips on them and another couple when were added. The muscular body is not as smooth as the GLC, but certainly more impressive than he.

Mercedes officials investigated how this GLK 2018 design philosophy is based on sensual purity, off-road family tree oldschool and modern aesthetics. Bold, smooth curves on the body are short, precise and compact. Subtle and powerful construction on the GLK is characteristic of the manuscript by Mercedes to make the standards in the utility ATV cross-country visually attractive.

As the previous series of the GLC, 2018 Mercedes GLK is a State-of-the-art internal configuration that can keep out with some brands. By a telescopic steering wheel leather leather premium, all over the world, to spoil the heat packs under each seat. the features this car seems endless. Dashboard is touchscreen Infotainment screen equipped with a console free-standing 7 inch electronic Mercedes COMAND interface, connectivity, HDMI, Bluetooth and Wi – Fi, satellite radio, data binding wireless Smartphone and iPod and dual-zone automatic control.

Option for the rear passengers, there are LCD screens. Safety features include head-inflatables for all seats, double and front side airbags and knee before dual airbags for the driver, a rear-view camera. Additional features include ambient lighting, folding rear seats and a panoramic roof.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLK Engine

Contemporary Glk Turbo 2.1 litre inline-4 diesel with 200 HP and 369 lb – ft torque, and also an offer, should perhaps more 3.0 liter V6 turbo better 302 HP and 373 lb. – ft of torque C400 is. The better news is that a superior GLC63 by Mercedes-AMG, did in fact, as we love comparative with a consistent M├ętis module a different provision of AMG.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLK Release Date and Price

This variant of the Mercedes-Benz is the last form or this model and the last phase before available mark. This is the reason why it is difficult to say what the his see there is extraordinary–than to see widespread small SUV sports and great search of the car, or is his new name? His new recognizable names among the Mercedes methods.