2018 Mercedes GLA Review

Thursday, July 21st 2016. | Mercedes - Benz

2018-mercedes-gla-review-and-specs-front-imageIf you are looking to buy a car, which can speak of luxury, comfort and class, is the best choice, you need 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA . It is the most valuable and most beautiful luxury car, you have to your style during a layer and a class to present. Decorating and exterior decorating this car was just the best choice for those, the impressive car love.

2018 Mercedes GLA Interior and Exterior

The fourth year of production of the model GLA will bring many changes, and all the people are happy and eagerly waiting for the release date of this crossover. But for those who can’t wait can, what can we expect, or what do we? It is one thing that is known with certainty, you remain that is the basic functions of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA same and borrowed from the class is of course runs on the same platform. There are so many parts B borrowed the key models and class. It seems that we have a slight redesign of the expect outside, especially at the front, can, as the grille of the new model will probably be revised, but the big Mercedes logo will remain in the same place. The headlights will improve and its shape can be easily revised, but what is certain is that which powered by the newer LED lights. Large openings in the bumper are mounted the same, and it will be used. We expect to see even a large alloy wheels 18 inch equipped with good tires for all seasons. External dimensions (inches): Height (60), length (173.9), width (71) and wheelbase (106).

Inside the GLA by Mercedes-Benz 2018, everything will be identical to that of the current model. Notable changes are perhaps only new details of color, as well as adding new materials. So, what can we in the cabin to be expected? There are a lot of standard features and the list will be longer than the current model, especially when security systems. Openings in the cab remains the same, with the classic round look. Also, we can expect wood, aluminum and leather of high quality in the cabin. As you probably think all seats will be wrapped by leather and it have many features for more comfort. Electric power steering, controls transmission among the features inside of the cabin and audio controls on the steering wheel, overhead storage and speed controller console, air conditioning bi-zone control, stored settings for 3 drivers, am / FM stereo, auxiliary input jack and USB recording with external media control, etc.

2018 Mercedes GLA Engine

Redesigned 2018 Mercedes GLA offer the same tire engines, as well as the current model. This means that more than four-cylinder petrol- and diesel engines. However, an expected improvement of these engines is to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. A 1.6-liter with 156 PS petrol engine and the 2.0-litre with 211 Horsepower engine offer 2017 model. Torque is group-diesel generators offer motor, 2.2 liter 136 HP and 300 nm and 2.2-liter 170 HP and 350 nm. All engines feature turbocharging and direct injection, as well as the 4MATIC-System. This system allows a variable torque distribution.

2018 Mercedes GLA Release Date and Price

Rumored, the amateurs on the release date of the Mercedes-Benz GLA 2018 it is expected that from 2018. But there is no information about the exact date for the release confirmed. The price of the base model trim should be $31 000.