2018 Chevy El Camino SS Price

Friday, July 15th 2016. | Chevrolet

2018-chevy-el-camino-ss-review-frontThe 2018 Chevy El Camino is heard to be ready to make a re-entry to entertain its users in every way and manner. This famous truck is supposed to have several improvements to compete with rivals well and strongly. These changes will be visible in the Visual elements that start of the body of the car and will extend until under the hood. The company decided to join the line of truck models and is ready to make the game with the introduction of 2018 Chevy El Camino. In fact, 2018 Chevy El Camino is a return of improved model.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino Interior and Exterior

The car will come with a whole new design. Offers a look that is familiar to fans, but also something new which brings us the future of the automobile. The line of the framework is the one used in the Chevrolet Malibu car, but was strengthened and extended to the rear to make more room in the cargo area. The new style of the car is mainly due to changes in the front and rear bumper and the Grill of the car before. Rewards a new face and expression but ensures that this basis is preserved and maintained as well. The fog lights are updating the appearance and usefulness of the vehicle while the advanced suspension system defines a means to better the vehicle off-road capabilities.

The El Camino now rolls on huge rims is also useful to reduce the weight of the car. In fact that this car has lost enough weight that allowed overall performance specifications better him. There is a huge use of the edges of the amalgam has also added this time, are also an important factor in the number of reduction of the weight of the car. All in all the model is great from the outside and has a great value at this time. With update added, the car looks sporty and has a new contemporary touch that he who will mark a comeback for the El Camino SS version.

The Interior has a more modern and trendy indoors it was before. Older models of El Camino SS were not characterized by inside everything is so awesome, but how times have changed on the inside to receive a much higher and an evolutionary aspect. This is executed surprisingly modern and integrated coaching embraced it. Starting with seats, are now much more comfortable and have Leather coverings that make any kind of a very comfortable ride, even one that is done on another type of soil. Dashboard has been properly built with touch screen. Bluetooth and USB loader characteristic, which adds the element to the El Camino now. A whole new level of entertainment is given to passengers who was not the case with later models. The standard version has a lot of gadgets added to inside as well, but the SS version comes with a more advanced package this time.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino Engine

According to reliable information, the Chevrolet El Camino 2018 will feature two variants of engines. The first unit will be a 6.0 L V8 engine. This engine delivers a power of approximately 360 hp. This engine will be equipped on the basic models. The second engine option will be a unit of V6 3.2 L with an estimated output of 300 hp. details on its top speed, acceleration and fuel economy are always revealed by the creator of the car. Will be the first to inform you when they are made public.

2018 Chevrolet El Camino Release Date and Price

Price of the Chevrolet El Camino remained a mystery until now by the company. It should arrive on the market with a price of more than $20,000. It should arrive on the market somewhere in the middle of the year 2017.