2018 Chevy Sonic Review and Specs

Saturday, June 11th 2016. | Chevrolet

2018-chevy-sonic-specs-front-image2018 Chevy Sonic is a small compact car available as a hatchback or sedan. It is Chevrolet Aveo, where it mentions folds inside the House of the availability, significantly enhanced the effectiveness of implementation in many areas of design and implementation as a replacement for the previous model. Sonic comes with two engines more efficient gas, but a logical next step would be an electrical option to implement as effectively as possible. But as questions go it won’t happen no earlier than 2018. In the meantime newer gasoline costs, which, in turn, has slowed, so push the sale of small cars, the reshuffle in additional courses again.

2018 Chevy Sonic Review

Outdoor smart way, new model 2018 Chevy Sonic there is in any sedan and hatch. In accordance with the car manufacturer’s can rely on two, which success in the position, will put an end to its production amounting to a different set. Rumors say that the automaker about 1 800 models as compliance vehicles, in this case to produce, we should always expect, that Chevrolet, accordingly the opportunity to choose to hold can be accepted with a battery under the metal.

The design of the brand new 2018 Chevy Sonic will surely with many touches the Chevrolet spark and smooth edges trend. As a matter of truth may be the brand new 2018 by the combination between the spark plug and current Sonic Chevy Sonic. On the inside of the new model buyer, Chevy Sonic 2018 sparking, which it probably will lead this back into the higher dimensions should a more spacious car compared to its predecessor.

It can come gang after above with day hybrid gauges, seats for trim and an optional leather padded seats to the top of the page. Other excessive tech, we are always on the hybrid include an enhanced Infotainment system and a Smartphone as a connectivity carrier regularly. Maybe even new security options to get that monitoring may include blind spot, lane assist, several on and side air bags, alarm, collision, among other.

The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic should be extended with many options to return, an Infotainment system on the cutting edge, carrier connectivity smart gadget and specialized instruments. There are cameras, LCD display, Bluetooth and speaker for the comfort of the passengers. It also satellite the glorious security decisions that look like air bags, cameras, alarms and navigation system.

2018 Chevy Sonic Engine

Under the hood, this car is a 1.4 L 4-cylinder engine that is ready to produce a few more than approx. 148 lb/ft and a maximum power output of 138 hp. When the battery is fully charged, it could be a gap of more than 200 miles actually covers. Put the power of the 4 engine cylinder, his predecessor in the shade. It is not clear, however, because the time can be used in any form of the engine under the hood of the car. According to rumors two engines are this car.

It is assumed that this car 1.4-liter engine with a transmission 4 wheels can be coupled transmission. However, there is no such thing as an official word on it than corn. Tests by the lawyer that the effectiveness of the essence of this electric car in its category, and certainly more than others would be the best on the market. Many tests have been carried out already and the four 1-liter engine. 2018 Chevrolet Sonic was found to be able to return a mileage of 30mpg.

2018 Chevy Sonic Release Date and Price

The basic model of the car will have a price of about $14 600 LS Sonic day. The price may be greater, for additional advanced versions, high quality equipment, such as Sonic LT with prices starting at $16 include 300 price range to $18 900 for LTZ Sonic and the value of $20-500 for Sonic RS. Chevrolet Sonic is planned to achieve a day in the first 2017 quarter of 2018.