2018 Ford Fiesta Redesign

Thursday, December 15th 2016. | Ford

The Fiesta is one of the most popular and popular models of almost four years. It was originally launched in 1976 and is currently in its seventh generation (which was so far in 2013). The redesign was already delivered a while and the spokesman for the company introduced last time, the new model will be available in 2018. The eight model generations will be fully developed in Germany and will be delivered worldwide. The 2018FordFiesta could be further established in Spain, China, India and many different nations, so let’s say it will probably be globally aggressive.

2018 Ford Fiesta Interior and Exterior

Although 2018 Ford Fiesta is designed in Europe, there are around the world, including North America, so it should meet the requirements of different types of customers. When it comes to cars to see what the basics should remain, but there are many new design solutions that make this more attractive model. Ford will change into the front and rear area by 2018 to adapt the new style of the company, although already follows the new design language. While the new radiator grille and bumper, which will be the same for all models, the front area rear end will depend on the type of construction (will be offered as a limousine and hatchback).

The new model has a new aerodynamic kit that often approach the new RS but have changed some external factors. The front has been reworked and the new combo from Laurel comes with pressure side air made of carbon fiber. The key to easily change the wheels, new side skirts and a few other cosmetic changes can be improved. Ford is not expected to have too many changes within the 8Fiesta Ford RS and internal functions remain unchanged. Consider the same Recaro sports seats that the model 2016. A minor change appearance to handle and added to an ad. Fiesta is designed to be completely internal new 2018 and, along with the new look, brings many new features or improved technologies. The interior of the new Ford 8 cm is equipped with SYNC connectivity, which allows the various functions of your car with a touch-screen.

2018 Ford Fiesta Engine

The problem has been significantly revised. The new vehicle is equipped with four in-line 4-cylinder engine with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. EcoBoost, it produces the best power of 197 horsepower and a maximum torque of 213 lb-ft of torque. It is in fact 18 hp and 37 lb-ft torque than 2013 introduced the Fiesta ST later.

In addition, the engine refinement would help generate additional energy and the torque output and the new transient ST now has dynamics. This allows the engine to provide 15 horsepower more power and 22 produced pound-feet of torque than needed for a maximum duration of 15 seconds. The engine also delivers better acceleration in the vehicle, which makes access speed 60 hours of power in 6.6 seconds. The top speed of 2017 Ford Fiesta ST vehicle would be 143 hours.

2018 Ford Fiesta Release Date and Price

The presentation is scheduled for autumn this year. Of course, if everything goes as planned. The price will be different. This is dependent on model and equipment. The Fiesta S model is priced around $ 15,000 then party near $ 16,000, Fiesta ST, with a starting price of over $ 22,000, while the Ford Fiesta Titanium is priced at around $ 19,000.