2018 Ford Kuga Rumors

Tuesday, December 13th 2016. | Ford

Latest 2018 Ford Kuga has reported its release date and goes with the device in this year his return in the high end market marked a new concept of trim. Ford has managed that quite well in the period to seal and with the advance turnover amounted to a few new affinities of the lot, that fans began, plus require higher trim levels and prefer them relative to this basis.

2018 Ford Kuga Interior and Exterior

The upcoming 2018 Ford Kuga looks more sporty and mainly with the obvious changes on the facade. Inspired by the design language with the Ford Edge, that 2017 is Kuga used a large grille by six points, new double Xenon headlights with daytime running lights LED, and a bumper warmed up. At the rear end of this SUV is the re-ParĂ© bumper and tail lights. The reverse shows also revised internals and polished tailgate access plates – the design reflects the new look of muscular front end.

Ford has the bumper front lower air damn more width and shorter redesigned top bottom. The new grille gets large fog lights to remain his outboard. Apart from the obvious upgrades, model of year 2018 would receive also options of fees for the designs of alloy wheels (from the 17 to 19 inch Wheel size). Car buyers would be also very happy with the new color – at the heart of the copper. The American manufacturer has added also a retractable hitch, the shops under the rear bumper when not in use is.

We expect also the major changes in the Interior of the new Ford Kuga. Of course, you can easily see the new flying three branches that concept is used with models and the latest creations by Ford. Ford Sync 3 enhanced Infotainment System (which says that many car entertainment and communication system should be) is also obvious. Dashboard receives a 8 inch touch screen Android car and AppleCarPlay functions in the location. An interesting feature is its ability, gestures and scanning – pinch would have the first in automotive technology.

The 2018 Ford Kuga would adopt, be said to classic hand brake because it was now equipped with a brake. Dashboard seems better organized and uncluttered with the least amount of buttons and switches. Sophisticated safety equipment and driver-aid technologies, 2018 coming with the vintage are more important than the comfort features.

2018 Ford Kuga Engine

2018 Ford SUV will be powered by two new engines with different abilities of the EcoBoost family, to offer the various figures on the driveline. Both engines are the power-off function. The first EcoBoost engine, which will equip the vehicle is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It will be fine-tuned, the vehicle deliver nine with the greatest power 182kW and the release of the greatest couple 327Nm. The second engine should be a turbo engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and four cylinders. This Ford Kuga 2018 motor is less than the first engine that provides the vehicle with the largest 134kW power and maximum torque of 250Nm. Both engines will be mechanically, covered to a six-speed transmission, which are offered as standard. It is rumored, that Kuga 2018 also a third motor, which is powered by a 1.5 liter gasoline engine the 134kW offer car – and a maximum torque of 240 nm.

2018 Ford Kuga Release Date and Price

Newer make his appearance on the European market 2018 Ford Kuga with a first date of publication in the United Kingdom this year. The starting price is not known at the moment, but we expect to about $30,000 for the newer model. This is in the price range of competitors such as the Mazda MX – 5 and Volkswagen Tiguan.