2018 Dodge Dakota Diesel Concept

Thursday, July 21st 2016. | Dodge

dodge-dakota-front-imageThe last great 2018 Dodge Dakota pick-up. This vehicle comes with a lot more load capacity, engine impressive and brilliant layout. This car could be the fourth generation that has a fantastic piece of “power” in their midst. Probability, 2018 Dodge Dakota will be great feature about the new platform.

2018 Dodge Dakota Interior and Exterior

When we said that the new model Dodge Dakota certainly design planned and improved lines modified style. All to influence the performance of the vehicle and the aerodynamics. But some say he has done a complete and thorough overhaul. Gets a bold look and modern design with more rounded edges. On the contrary of what they represent Dodge Dakota. But only in a positive way. Sufficient data are similar to Rampage or RAM models. That alone can attract more customers, because everything is associated with quality and elegance.

Meaning of sport does not remain with the use of quality materials and of decorative details. The grille is very modern and perfectly integrated with new led headlamps. The bumpers are strengthened, while the rear lights placed vertically along the edge of the body. Cabin contains four doors. As well as the functional length of semi-trailers increased slightly compared to the previous model. With a redesigned very nice exterior and Dodge Dakota wheel just waiting for those who need a durable and attractive pickup.

The aesthetics of the Interior is important, but also its functionality. Designers have worked hard to pack everything into one. Cabin gets more room for five passengers. With a fashionable look are mixed quality and comfortable seating. Filled with only materials. Designers have used the best materials to assemble each part of the Interior. Sufficient space is provided for the different compartments and pockets to accommodate a variety of tools or small things. Because many people will opt for Dodge Dakota as a great SUV. The button layout and functions is comfortable and near the driver.

In addition to a modern look can be concluded and the existence of high technology equipment and everything related to entertainment or the driving safety. The central part is the touch screen. It is connected with the larger part of the system. All first of all peripheral audio options and communication. There is no control cruise, defrost windshield, ABS, latest-generation navigation system, handsfree, voice and even commands more. Enough command had found a place on the wheel. In all Dodge Dakota is a modern and attractive which gives the owner much.

2018 Dodge Dakota Engine

The functionality of this particular new truck has a superior, because this car is built for heavy lifting. Therefore, adequate food is actually needed to support. On this basis, the 4-cylinder engine of the 2018 Dodge Dakota V6 use. You can develop more than 200 horses. Therefore, the manufacturer will combine the engine using transmission much better which is a type of transmission 6 speed. You can send to all wheels. Another good news, has also said the manufacturers provide a turbodiesel version 2.5-liter under the hood. This engine would provide 180 horses and even 300 lb – ft of torque. The brand new Dakota can have a better use of fuel. In addition, this car is made to achieve 30 mpg on mixed driving times.

2018 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

Vehicle reservations are called to sign a temporary enthusiasm for businesses and offers of distinction. In the middle of a showroom, a rivalry in the Dodge Dakota 2018 is the Toyota Tundra, Ford Ranger F-150 next. Based around trouble this pick-up may be exhausted by 2017 or other terms in mid-2016. Despite the fact that expenditures for the show in the mid-58000 $ to $ 60000.